Fares Mili

July 14, 2020

Fares Mili
Pulmonologist, Allergiologist, Specialist in addiction behaviors, President of the NGO “Societé Tunisienne de Tabacologie et des comportements d’addiction”


Dr Fares Mili is a Pulmonologist and an Addictologist, certified Tobacco treatment specialist from Mayo Clinic and from the US Association of Addiction professionals (NAADAC). He is the Chairman of the Tunisian Society of Tobaccology and Addictive Behaviors (STTACA) since 2017. He is member of many international societies: The European Respiratory Society (ERS), The French-speaking Pneumology Society (SPLF), the Tunisian Society of Respiratory diseases and Allergology (STMRA), the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco use and Dependence (ATTUD), and member of the Tunisian National Committee for tobacco control. He is an Expert in Tobacco control in the Tunisian ministry of Health and he collaborates with WHO as a consultant on several topics against smoking related to MPOWER program. He is the author of numerous presentations in various international scientific meetings about Tobacco Harm Reduction.

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