Tom Gleeson

September 19, 2022

Tom Gleeson
Co-founder of the New Nicotine Alliance Ireland and European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) partner


First discovered e-cigs in 2011 and switched completely from a heavy smoking habit within a few days. As he watched regulation advance, he felt the voice of people like himself was not being heard. The NNA Ireland gives them that voice and Tom is proud to serve as a trustee. In 2019 NNA Ireland was delighted to join ETHRA.

ETHRA is a group of 25 grassroots consumer associations in 17 European countries, supported by experts in the field of tobacco control and nicotine research. We are the voice of 27 million European users of low-risk alternatives to smoking and far more potential users. We support tobacco harm reduction: helping and encouraging smokers to switch from high-risk to low-risk nicotine products as a practical public health strategy that will work quickly and at scale, not just in the EU but globally. ETHRA is a voluntary operation, we have no industry funding, or conflicts of interest.

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